Entering an e-mail adress is optional. If entered, a link to the BALSA results will be sent when the job completes. If this field is left blank, The page will be updated periodically, until the job completes. A link to the results will be displayed. If the upate process is caneled, the link can be checked later to see the results. In either case, the results will be available on the site for at least one week.

Scoring Matrix

At least one scoring matrix is required. The dropdown list displays a series of BLOSUM and PAM scoring matrices. The DNA specific matrices are labeled "_DNA". Using a DNA matrix with aminio acid sequences will generate an error. Up to 4 scoring matrices may be entered. The number of scoring matrices and gap penalty pairs is limited to 4 since there is little gain in sensitivity beyond this number.

Gap Opening Penalty

The program assumes that scoring matrices and gap penalties are entered as pairs. Valid values for gap opening penalties are from -50 to -6.

Gap Extension Penalty

Valid values for gap extension penalties are from -10 to -1.

Sample File

A file containing 1000 sample from the posterior distribution will be returned in the zipped output file.

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